5 Party Folk You’ll Meet Any Given Night Out

I’ve partied and hosted parties  for a while now and that has made me pretty observant of party folk. Go out any night in Nairobi any night, and you will be sure to meet one of these guys – that is if they aren’t you!

  1. The Baller: All about showimg how paid they got. Buying rounds, popping bottles, slapping waiters with their wallets and credit cards.  If the club has a money gun, he will want to shoot it. He will organise cabs for the ladies to get home and tip bouncers on his way out. No one minds a baller – especially if they’re rolling with you.
  2. The Flirt: This guy or girl is out on the prowl. Looking for the flavor of the night or for their life partner up in the club. On the dancefloor, they’re trying to make their moves, trying to get to know you while at the bar, tyring to buy you a drink, asking you how you’re getting home – this can come off as a little annoying and creepy if done wrong.
  3. The Lightweight: You know this one, because they have all the syke in the world to turn up, but two- three drinks in and they are faded! Slurring, staggering, blacking out on the table and in worst case scenarios puking all over the dance floor. We love you guys all the same I mean, we have all been the lightweight in a squad one time or another.
  4. The Couple: These two are easy to spot. The “new – love” ones are probably even in matching outfits! They dance only with each other, have their own jokes and storoz and act like they’re in their own world all together. Just hope and pray that they don’t get into a fight because the whole night will go to hell. The mushy type will be making out all night. In the booth, on the danceflor, near the loos! We love that you found love guys.. but please, get a room!
  5. The Houdini: We all know that one guy who shows up with the whole squad but will dissapear at some point. One moment you’re all taking shots at the bar, next you’re one man down and no one knows where Houdini went or why he left… and trust, he will be the first one to ask “when are we catching drinks again?”

So, where do you lie, or are you all of them?