Lessons I have learnt as A DJ

Yes guys, I actually learn things on the job that seems like so much fun. From the outside looking in, It all looks like I am all about the life of the party. But just like any other 8 to 5, there is a lot to take home from all of this. This can either make you better at what you do, or break you down. But I hope you take life one step at a time. So here we go.

  • Promotion is great, but you need to back it up.

I have come to learn that a party won’t happen without promotion, and that is why I am ever so often updating you guys on where it is happening. More importantly, I‘ve learned that you have to back up what you say. If you’re going to tell people to come to your gig, there’s no slacking it has to be good.

  • Always be prepared for the worst

There are nights when not even heavy promotion can bring in a crowd, and nights when there are so many people at the club that it feels kidogo congested. Club life is erratic, but so is regular life.

  • Never rely on a good past experience

This one hits you hard. You had one good weekend and you think, wait this is it, and then the next weekend you are playing to empty chairs. Not even one person is doing the shoki. Never expect that the past will dictate your future.

  • Accept Criticism as well as you accept praise.

There’s no way you’ll please everyone at the club. Some won’t like the music you play because it’s too mainstream. Others dislike the club because of the crowd. Then there are the people who will hate everything you play because you didn’t bring the one song they requested you to play. But on the other hand, you can never be too sure about the people who praise you, because they might just want something in return. Those who want a free drink, a complementary ticket to your next event, so you just ignore the user behaviour.

I hope you got something to take home from this. Tell me some of the things you learn from your job, maybe we can relate on another level other than music, yeah? Hit the comment section below.